Frequently Asked Questions

Because of the confinement due to the coronavirus, I cannot complete my portrait series. Can I still apply?2020-04-02T19:43:46+02:00

Due to the very specific conditions, we accept to validate the restricted files containing for example only 6 photographs. The candidate will nevertheless commit, if she/he is selected by the selection committee, to complete her/his series before being interviewed by the jury in June.

When is the age limit of 35 taken into account?2020-03-23T17:00:21+01:00

The age limit is taken into account on the day the application file is sent.

I am of Argentine origin but I studied in Paris where I have lived for several years. Can I apply?2020-03-23T16:58:32+01:00

Yes, in this case we can consider the candidate as a non-occasional resident.

8 to 10 photographs are required to apply. Does a triptych count for 1 or 3 photos?2020-03-23T16:59:49+01:00

The number of images requested is intended to have a clear vision of the photographer’s intention. 3 triptychs may seem like a short series to understand this intention.

I made a full-length series representing men and women . Can this be considered as portraits?2020-03-23T16:59:49+01:00

Yes, we consider that the notion of portrait is not limited to the face but to a representation of a person or even an animal.

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