The winner of the Prix Voltaire 2020 is Mathieu MENARD

Among the numerous portfolios received, three finalists were chosen by the selection committee:
Maréva DRHUILE with her « Huis Clos »series,
Nuno ROQUE with his self-portrait series « Self Reflections »,
Mathieu MENARD with his series « Femmes de la halte ».
All three were auditioned on June 5 by the jury, whom we thank for their enthusiasm and their commitment during this very special period.

The experience of these hearings was an extremely strong moment, as regards the exchanges on the photographs themselves, but also on the human level. Some people claim that images necessarily speak for themselves … Our words exchanged in any case made it possible to better understand the authors and the universes which were proposed to us.
The inauguration of the exhibition will take place on October 2 in the vaulted rooms of the Château de Voltaire.